“This is what air cargo handling should look like,” touts Edip Pektas, CEO, MIC Cargo.

Chicago, Illinois – July 22, 2021 MIC Cargo, the leading Chicago-based ground handler and a portfolio company of Inoa Ventures, is pushing back against the widely held perception that Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is an overly-congested hub losing business to nearby cargo-focused airports in places like Rockford, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio.

“We know how much freight by weight and value comes through O’Hare,” offers Edip Pektas, MIC Cargo’s CEO. “By the numbers, O’Hare is number one in the country by value and with over 213,000 tons (nearly 470 million pounds) of cargo and mail arriving and departing in May alone, it will take a constellation of solutions involving people, processes, infrastructure, and technology to ensure continuity of operations as we try to emerge from the pandemic.”

MIC Cargo’s internal systems are focused on relentlessly measuring KPI’s persistently finding areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement. Truckers arriving at MIC’s 90,000 square-foot Patton Avenue facility arrive and depart in an average of 55 minutes.

MIC’s ULD bypass system further enhances speed to delivery after cargo arrival, offering ULD pickup two hours after arrival, and loose freight broken down and available within six hours.

“This figure exceeds by an order of magnitude the days and weeks currently used to measure competitors who similarly represent multiple global airlines and charter operators,” Pektas says. “We’re already handling 2.5 million kilos per week with plenty of room for growth.”

One of MIC’s largest pharmaceutical customers, Dubai-based Emirates SkyCargo, utilizes the 12,000 square foot, three-chamber, WHO GDP-certified pharmaceutical cooler – the largest such facility owned or operated on their behalf in the Americas.

MIC’s operations are improving with the recent opening of two additional facilities within two miles of the on-airport location. An import-only building open 24/7 located at 1600 Sherwin Avenue in nearby Des Plaines is being outfitted with automated racking systems. When fully built out, it will handle up to 4,000 skids and 200 ULD’s daily. The export staging operation at 2100 S. Wolf Rd. in Des Plaines will help reduce congestion at our Patton location by receiving and staging export cargo for build-up and loading.