MIC Cargo, a portfolio company of Inoa Ventures Management, has selected Rickenbacker International Airport as the site of our first location outside Chicago, leasing a 46,000 square foot facility adjacent to the Rickenbacker International Airport. With the addition of cargo terminal and export screening services, MIC Cargo becomes only the second full-service air cargo terminal services provider at Rickenbacker.  This at a time when the airport’s number of flights and tonnage have continued to increase exponentially through the pandemic and with the challenges facing global ocean freight supply chains.

The building, located in the Alum Creek Logistics Center, was built in 1996 and features eight dock doors and one ramp. We are scheduled to begin handling cargo in the facility no later than January, 2022.

“As we evaluated the greatest opportunities to expand the MIC Cargo brand and philosophy, we have been actively considering a number of cities and airports,” shares our CEO Edip Pektas. “From our point of view, Rickenbacker is where we felt it best to next open based on current traffic forecasts, the Rickenbacker logistics community and our opportunity to offer service to a number of our existing clients outside of Chicago.”

“We are excited to welcome MIC to the Rickenbacker air cargo community,” said Joseph R. Nardone, President & CEO for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, owner and operator of the cargo-focused airport. “As a pioneer of the forwarder-centric business model, we believe our airport and growing community of logistics providers and air cargo partners is an ideal environment for MIC to succeed. The addition of MIC will allow Rickenbacker to continue to grow our international air cargo service while furthering our goal of providing best-in-class service for air cargo customers.”