Maestro Cargo’s Pharma cooler has active real time temperature monitoring in various areas and heights of the cooler.

Why Is This Important?

Chicago has some of the most variable ranging temperature in the United States and its hard to know if your product is safe if it needs to stay in a temperature-controlled environment. With Maestros Cool-Chain we receive real-time alerts for any threats—such as temps rising, doors left open, or abnormal motor activity, allowing us to always make sure your cargo is safe. This will also help is reduce spoilage, waste and prevent unnecessary damage to your products.

You can opt-in to receive real time alerts via SMS text, email or voice call if our pharma storage cooler’s temperature is outside of its nominal range, and you can check the temperature of your product with anytime access from anywhere via any Internet enabled device. Android and iOS apps are free to download. The fully automated system tracks temperatures 24/7 which helps save time and resources and in-turn protecting your investment.Tracking temperature helps us achieve and maintain compliance, allowing us to share our Pharma cooler info with our customers and GDP inspectors. All this tracking is saved and analyzed and can be pulled effortlessly and at any time, these reports will provide a complete history, corrective actions taken and timeline of our Pharma cooler.

The Specs

Our system will provide early warning signs that can help prevent equipment failure, in addition our Generac generator will test the functions of the cooler weekly, to ensure that there will be no power loss to the pharma cooler. Our Cool-Chain is a three-zone layout; a 15-25 degrees Celsius acceptance dock, a 2-8 degree storage and cooler, and the largest zone a 15-25 degree area for storage and buildup which also includes 10 plug in points for active containers.

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